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CMISA Committees

Volunteer for our Board or Advisory Committees

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge about the Canadian marine industry and expanding Canadian marine innovation both nationally and on the global stage?

We are currently accepting applications for the following committees:

  • Innovation
  • Arctic Exploration
  • Business Opportunities and Development
  • Government Relations
  • Board of Directors (positions only available periodically)

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Eligibility and General Expectations

To be a member of the CMISA Board or an Advisory Committee, eligible candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and a voting member of CMISA
  • Have a broad understanding of Canadian marine and shipbuilding industry
  • Have a commitment and a passion for improving how the marine sector in Canada works as well as an interest in developing Canada’s position as a leader in marine technology and shipbuilding globally
  • Have awareness of, and interest in, the perspectives of the industry or other stakeholder groups on issues relating to marine products and services and the ability to bring these perspectives to the Board or Committee table

Board and Advisory Committee members are expected to:

  • Work positively, cooperatively and respectfully with other members, with CMISA staff and with the CMISA Network community
  • Attend at least 75% of scheduled meetings
  • Review materials in advance of the meeting and come prepared for the meetings
  • At meetings, ask questions, actively participate in discussions and contribute to the decision-making process
  • Take advantage of opportunities to champion the work of CMISA, serving as ambassadors on behalf of the Network
  • Include CMISA Board or Committee membership on their CVs or LinkedIn profiles
  • Once a decision has been made, support the Board or Committee actions and speak with one voice
  • Support or attend CMISA events, where possible
  • Annually, submit an updated Board/Committee Member Profile and Conflict of Interest (COI) declaration

Anticipated Time Commitment

Your time is valuable, and it’s important that you understand what you are committing to as a CMISA Board or Committee member. All Board and Committee members are volunteers and are not reimbursed for their time.

Your term on the Board or a Committee is two or three years (renewable to a maximum of five (5) years), based on your availability.

The Board meets approximately four to five times per year, with at least one Board in-person meeting somewhere in the country, and with the rest held by web-based meetings or teleconferences. Committees meet less frequently, and normally not in-person.

The anticipated time commitment in preparing for each meeting is at least one to two hours.

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